Family Pack        $24.99
Two Large, Two Topping Pizzas, with an order of bread sticks
Value Pack           $15.99
One Large, Two Topping Pizza, with an order of bread sticks, and a 2-Liter of soda
Monday Special     $12.99
One Large, Two Topping Pizza, with an order of bread sticks
Tuesday Special     $10.99
One Large, Two Topping Pizza
Friday Special         $12.99
One Large, Three Topping Pizza

Fan Favorites *
Anti Pasto Salad *                           $3.99/6.59
Greek Salad                                     $3.99/6.59
Garden Salad                                   $3.99/6.49
Chicken and Bacon Salad              $3.99/6.5
                Caesar Salad                                $4.59/6.99             
Wings (Boneless and Traditional)* $5.99/9.99
Buffalo, BBQ, Garlic Parmesan, Cajun Dry Rub
Meatballs                                           $3.99/6.9
9Smothered with pizza sauce and mozzarella then baked.

Bread Sticks                                       $3.99/$5.99
Drizzled with Butter and sprinkled with Garlic and Parmesan. Served with Marinara.
Za-Sticks                                            $3.99/$5.99
Pan baked in delicious Butter,covered in Butter, Garlic Seasoning, Parmesan cheese, and sea salt. baked to a perfect chewy crispness.
Italian Cheese Bread *                        $5.59/$7.59
Coated with butter, mozzarella cheese, garlic seasoning, and sprinkled with feta and parmesan cheese. Served with Marinara.
Pickle Bread *                                      $5.99/$7.99
Delicious Italian Cheese Bread Layered with Dill Pickles and Dill.
Jalapeno Popper Bread *                   $5.99/$7.99
Cheese Bread Smothered in Cream Cheese and Layered with Jalapeno.
Bavarian Pretzels                             $5.99/$7.99
Served with Craft Beer Cheese.

Your choice of up to five traditional toppings
Served with sauce

Hearty sandwich between two seasoned slices of pizza crust
Italian *
Mozzarella, Pepperoni, Ham, Lettuce, Tomato, Black Olive, Banana Pepper, Italian Dressing
Chicken Bacon Ranch
Mozzarella, Chicken, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Ranch
Mozzarella, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Ranch
Ham and Cheese
Mozzarella, Ham, Lettuce, Tomato
Your choice of five toppings served pizza sauce
Mozzarella, Green Olive, Black Olive, Banana Pepper, Tomato, Onion, Greek Dressing
BBQ Chicken
Mozzarella, Chicken, Bacon, Onion, BBQ
BBQ, Mozzarella, Pulled Pork (Prepared at The Iron Pig Smokehouse), Bacon, Onion, Pineapple
Mozzarella, Meatball, Pizza Sauce
Your Choice of any five toppings and sauce


                              Small        Med       Large  X-Large
  Cheese               6.99         8.99      10.99     12.99 
Traditional         1.05         1.35        1.75        2.05
Premium         1.35        1.75         2.05        2.35
Extra Cheese   1.55         1.95         2.35        3.05
Crust Styles
Hand Tossed, Thin, Downtown Style (Pan), Pretzel (w/ Craft Beer Cheese $2)
Crust Flavors
Garlic, Parmesan, Cajun, Ranch, Buffalo

Traditional Toppings
Pepperoni, Ham, Sausage, Ground Beef, Bacon, Onion, Red Onion, Green Pepper, Tomato, Black & Green Olive, Mushroom, Banana, Pineapple, Jalapeno

Premium Toppings
Chicken, Salami, Spinach, Broccoli, Smoked Sausage, Pulled Pork (Prepared at The Iron Pig Smokehouse)
Signature Pizzas
Supreme *
Peperoni, Ham, Onion, Green Pepper, Mushroom
Small $10.99 Med $13.99 Large $16.99 X-Large $19.99

Onion, Green Pepper, Tomato, Mushroom, Black Olive
Small $10.99 Med $13.99 Large $16.99 X-Large $19.99 

BBQ Chicken
BBQ Sauce, Chicken, Bacon, Onion
Small $11.99 Med $14.99 Large $17.99 X-Large $20.99 

Meat Lover
Pepperoni, Sausage, Ham, Bacon, Beef
Small $11.99 Med $14.99 Large $17.99 X-Large $20.99  

Ranch, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato
Small $11.99 Med $14.99 Large $17.99 X-Large $20.99  

Super Deluxe
Pepperoni, Ham, Sausage, Bacon, Onion, Green Pepper, Black Olive, Mushroom
  Small $13.99 Med $17.99 Large $20.99 X-Large $23.99

Betsy's Choice *
Ranch, Chicken, Bacon, Onion, Tomato, Broccoli
Small $13.99 Med $17.99 Large $20.99 X-Large $23.99

Pulled Pork Deluxe
BBQ, Pulled Pork (Prepared at The Iron Pig Smokehouse), Bacon, Onion, Green Pepper
Small $14.99 Med $17.99 Large $20.99 X-Large $23.99 

Honolulu *
BBQ, Pulled Pork (Prepared at The Iron Pig Smokehouse), Bacon, Onion, Pineapple
Small $13.99 Med $17.99 Large $20.99 X-Large $23.99 

Buffalo Chicken
Ranch, Chicken, Mozzarella, drizzled with Buffalo Sauce
Small $13.99 Med $17.99 Large $20.99 X-Large $23.99 

Coney Island
Coney Sauce, Hot dog, Onion, Mustard Drizzle
Small $13.99 Med $17.99 Large $20.99 X-Large $23.99 

Popeye's Addiction *
Spinach, Minced Garlic, Bacon or Chicken, Tomato, Feta, Olive Oil
  Small $13.99 Med $17.99 Large $20.99 X-Large $23.99

Garlic Chicken *
Chicken, Bacon, Green Pepper, Onion, Tomato, Thyme, Rosemary, Olive Oil
Small $13.99 Med $17.99 Large $20.99 X-Large $23.99 

Kermit's Obsession
ALL PORK! BBQ, Pulled Pork (Prepared at The Iron Pig Smokehouse), Smoked Sausage, Italian Sausage, Bacon, Ham
Small $13.99 Med $17.99 Large $20.99 X-Large $23.99 

Pepperoni, Sausage, Ham, Bacon, Beef, Salami, Smoked Sausage, Meatball
Small $13.99 Med $17.99 Large $20.99 X-Large $23.99 

Cinnamon Sticks
Served with icing

Cinnamon Bites
Served with icing 

Cinnamon Rolls
Smothered with icing
Desert Pizzas
Nutella Pizza